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About Us

The Fabric Room is run by GNK Trading Ltd, specialist within the textiles industry. Since 2006, GNK Trading have utilised extensive knowledge gained in moving large commodities all over the world by applying the same techniques in supplying fashion fabrics to retailers within the garment industry.

We souce and supply fabrics from all over the world to businesses in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Far East, whilst also retaining specialists within the textiles industry in each country to manage, assess and oversee quality control on all procurements.

Each factory producing cloths for us are personally vetted by visits from one of the directors as well as having supply documentation confirming their "Reach Compliance", "Eco-friendly Certification" and "Ethical Proocurement and Employment Policies".

Offering some of the best quality materials, we supply to some of the largest names within the garment industry.